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Winter Woods Book Club

Hey there!

Do you love books? Yeah, so do we. If you’re already a member of the WWBC, welcome back! If you’re new, why not sign up?

Don’t have Facebook? Follow the Winter Woods Book Club on Instagram and check the profile periodically for new opportunities to be involved

About the Club

Hi, if you’re new to this site, you’re probably wondering what the Winter Woods Book Club is. The WWBC is a group of book lovers who help support the books published by Winter Publishing House, and help to support books on tour with our club. Members get free books and gifts in exchange for helping the authors out.

It’s essentially a “street team” for great books. You get sign up opportunities sent to your inbox that you have the option to join or let pass. You get to be part of a warm book-loving community, you get free ARC copies of books before they’re released to the rest of the world, you can toss your name into all kinds of contests to win bookish prizes mailed right to your door, and if you’re a social butterfly, you get your posts/channels re-shared to increase visibility and traffic to your site/profile.

If you’re a bookstagrammer, a booktuber, a book vlogger, book podcaster, booktok influencer, book blogger, or you have an active social site and you love to read books, this is a place where you can meet likeminded book lovers, draw more traffic to your posts, and get some free stuff all for being a part of a great club. (Why would you ever say no to that?) But you don’t have to be a social influencer to join! The club is open to anyone with a social account, big or small.

How do you join? You sign up for our emails. And if you’re on Facebook, you can join our Facebook Group to get early views of cover reveals, early sign up opportunities to claim your spot, and you get to be the first to see book trailers of Winter Publishing House books.

This is the ideal book club for people who like to read clean, family-friendly books in the teen fantasy, Christian fantasy, ya historical fantasy, self-help, middle grade fantasy, or children’s fantasy book genres. However, not every book we run tours for is clean–that should be taken note of.

Let’s hang out. Join the Club on Facebook.

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